President's Message


Kathie Beebe



Dear Girls  :

Coming Soon!  I’m so happy to report that our Newsletter will soon be returning.  Publicity Chair Barbara Petersen, is busy composing – let her know if you have anything “news worthy.”


Congratulations to Vicky Barrett for winning the Kippys’ Tournament with a low net score of 59.  Vicky is the proud owner of a beautiful leather and crystal belt designed by Kippy’s.  Trophy Chair Pat Joiner will have Vicky’s name inscribed on the beautiful Kippys’ Cup and return it to the display case for all to see.


“It Takes a Village” to run our Club!  Demonstrate your commitment to the CWGC! The Nominating Committee is being assembled.  Two members will be elected at the General Meeting in May.  Let it be known if you would like to be on this very important Committee as well as your interest and availability to serve on next year’s Board of Directors.


Keep up the good work on Pace of Play! It is not personal, just business.  Sometimes for different reasons, we get to far  behind the group ahead.  Two shots behind the group ahead is your position, no more.  If you fall behind, please do everything you can to catch up.


I hope to see you soon!

My best to you all,