President's Message


Kathie Beebe


Do you believe in the “Golf Gods,” St. Sebastian or St. Andrew?

Or maybe like me, you have your very own Angel.

Dear Girls  :


Mary Ann Nicoletti has earned the distinction of being the “greatest ace” for Calendar year 2013, triumphing over all Aces of the month in a fierce competition. Ace of the Month is an incredible accomplishment, and Ace of the year, must make you feel like the Queen of Hearts!  Join me in congratulations to all of our Aces of the month!

Mary Ann Bruce and Gerry Knowles made hole-in-ones! What a feat!  Do you realize the odds are about 12,000 to 1?  Of course, the odds may change, depending how much you pray to the golf gods.    I like to think my Dad is my link to the supernatural golf force.  I’ll never forget the day this 35-something, war veteran, father of 4 came home from his Club’s Championship, sporting his prize of pink pants and a large trophy.  He could not have been more proud and guess what color we were tickled?  Pink, of course!  Sometimes when I am on the course, I say, “ok Dad, show me the way!"          It doesn’t always work, but it is fun.  Gerry and Mary Ann must have their own golf angels, I like to think so anyway.  Please join me in their celebration!

Good news!  The Sweeps Email signups are going better than expected.  We are filling our tee times and dramatically decreasing our cancellations and no shows.  Click on the Sweeps tab to find out more.  Kind of bad news . . . I’m missing a few of our elders who used to play on a regular basis . . . please reach out to them and include them in your group whenever possible.

Sign up now!  March Mixed being co-chaired by Sandy Madden and Becky Smiser.  When is the last time you got tee times for Saturday and Sunday!  This is a foursome event with tee times from 7:00 to 9:30 a.m. Saturday and a Sunday shotgun.  Click on Mixed Tournaments tab to find the entry form.

March Beat the Pro, chaired by Linda Eves, sponsored by Ron Yarbrough.  Contact her now to see if you can still get in!

Special recognition to:

  • Cindy Greenwald, President’s Cup Match Play tournament chair.   Matches began in January and will conclude in May.  Who will be the next winner of the President’s Cup?  Congratulations to all participants!
  • Gerry Knowles, with her helpers Barbara Inglett and Pat Giles, for running the past 4 mixed tournaments.  Still needed!  Chairs to run the April, May, June and September MIXED events.
  • Christie Wright, Pat Stewart, Ginger Blair and Arlene Nelson who generously sponsored our January Ladies’ Tournament to benefit the Wounded Warrior Foundation and the Fisher House.  The generosity of this team was unprecedented – the hours spent on the beautiful patriotic quilt that was auctioned off, the lovely orchid table decorations and prizes were all donated by the team.  Approximately $3,000 was raised for these worthy foundations.
  • Pat Lawler and Paula Fimbres, chairs of the ever-so-popular Christmas scramble!  A good time was had by all, including an entire table of our Social members!  If you would like to join the fun and chair this event for next year, don’t be shy, let me know.

Get ready to cheer on the CWGC SDCWGA Team captained by Linda Eves, assisted by Becky Smiser.   Monday match play begins next week and continues through March and April.

Pace of Play. Please respect the Course Marshals who will remind you to catch up with the group ahead if you are behind.

My best to you all,